Name: Neil Walsh

Role in Jack Sabbath: Bass player

Inspirational Bands: Deep Purple, Iron Maiden, Sabbath, Magnum

Favourite track to play live: War Pigs

Death row meal: Donner Kebab in Naan

Tipple: Glenmorangie 

Summed up in ONE word: Fat

Name: Andy Davison

Role in Jack Sabbath: Guitarist

Inspirational Bands: Iron Maiden, Ozzy & Zakk Wylde, Sabbath, Deep Purple

Favourite track to play live: Children of The Grave

Death row meal: Pies

Tipple: Jack Daniels

Summed up in ONE word: Fatter

Name: PJ Edgar

Role in Jack Sabbath: Frontman

Inspirational Bands: Iron Maiden, Sabbath, Motorhead, Deep Purple, AC\DC, Queen

Favourite track to play live: Electric Funeral

Death row meal: Rump Steak…with side order of bats head!

Tipple: Hobgoblin

Summed up in ONE word: Unhinged

Name: John Holmes

Role in Jack Sabbath: Drummer

Inspirational Bands: Led Zep, Sabbath, Jane's Addiction, Chilli Peppers 

Favourite track to play live: War Pigs

Death row meal: Full Roast

Tipple: IPA ...anything hoppy!

Summed up in ONE word: Alright...

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