How Jack Sabbath are coping during lockdown 3.0

As for so many entertainers, bands, pubs and venues around the globe, the past year has been pretty tough for us. It’s difficult seeing some great music events and venues close their doors, or cancel dates. Several times, we have helped support some of our favourite venues with various crowdfunding events, and sharing the all important fundraising links online. Hopefully, after all this has passed, their doors can be reopened and they can continue to contribute to the success of live local music.


Jack Sabbath were fortunate enough to get a handful of practice sessions done during September and October of 2020, but other than this, we haven’t been on stage together in twelve long months. Just before lockdown 2.0, we were due to record a classic Sabbath Track with Homefire Studios, and shoot a great new video with Milner Creative. All being well, we can pick this up mid 2021. Here’s how we’re finding lockdown. 


PJ, frontman: Thankfully, a few times a couple of us have been able to meet up, have meals together (when we were allowed) and go for walks. But it isn’t the same as melting some faces on stage. I have been working from home, while my wife has been on furlough, so I haven’t been on my tod! I have been listening to a good mix of music during this time, not just Sabbath... after 20 years, you tend to get a bit Sabbathed out sometimes. I’ve found a new fondness for AC/DC, as well as ZZ Top, Whitesnake and Motörhead. Something I have never done before was vocal coaching but, I’m having regular sessions and learning new, cool techniques. I just can’t wait to get back on stage, entertaining people and acting up for the guys. I always love making them laugh. We had some great gigs and festivals lined up in 2020, and there are a few which I can’t wait to get booked in again. North Yorkshire Custom Show, Fifteens, Continental and The Corporation. The one song I’m looking forward to blasting out has to be Killing Yourself to Live. Absolutely cracking track!


Neil, bass: Lockdown, what a bummer. Boring, boring, boring, although I'm still working a 55 hour week so it's not really bothering me too much. It'll be nice to get out and about, or just out for a meal again. Really missing the music, especially playing live, and I can't wait to get out gigging again, hopefully soon. The venue I'm most looking forward to playing again is the Continental at Preston - what a great setup that is. But I'll be happy just to get at it again. It will be good to get rehearsing again too, as I hardly pick my bass up at the moment which isn't ideal, I'll be rusty as fuck. Been listening to some new music recently though, getting into Nightwish, Within Temptation & Delain. It’s always good to hear something new. 


Andy, guitar: Not being able to gig or practice has been really difficult to come to terms with. I miss being on stage with the rest of the guys and having such a laugh. So to keep my sanity during lockdown, I’ve passed the time by playing guitar, watching guitar related reviews and demos on YouTube and, to keep the boss happy, I’ve done a few jobs around the house. I can’t wait to get back on stage with the guys and I’m really looking forward to playing my favourite song, Children of the Grave at the Continental in Preston. 


John, drummer: It's weird not gigging or even practicing properly; it's been a big part of my life for more than 10 years. I miss the anticipation of preparing for a gig and the buzz of playing live. I have managed to redirect my energies elsewhere and I'm probably fitter than I have been for years but it's no substitute.


In the absence of a stage, we have been keeping our fans entertained in other ways. We have hosted several live quizzes on our Facebook page. The first of these was, of course, a Black Sabbath one, which can be found on our website. The rest have been general knowledge, but we have been working with some great bands all around the world for our music rounds, which has been brilliant, as well as a great way to grow our network. As for prizes, we have had some fantastic breweries and distilleries supporting us. Not a patch on being on stage, but here we are. 


So there we have it, our first blog. We are lucky in many ways, we just miss making a racket! Hopefully see you all soon, and remember, think you know Sabbath? You don’t know JACK!

Name: Neil Walsh

Role in Jack Sabbath: Bass player

Inspirational Bands: Deep Purple, Iron Maiden, Sabbath, Magnum

Favourite track to play live: War Pigs

Death row meal: Donner Kebab in Naan

Tipple: Glenmorangie 

Summed up in ONE word: Fat

Name: Andy Davison

Role in Jack Sabbath: Guitarist

Inspirational Bands: Iron Maiden, Ozzy & Zakk Wylde, Sabbath, Deep Purple

Favourite track to play live: Children of The Grave

Death row meal: Pies

Tipple: Jack Daniels

Summed up in ONE word: Fatter

Name: PJ Edgar

Role in Jack Sabbath: Frontman

Inspirational Bands: Iron Maiden, Sabbath, Motorhead, Deep Purple, AC\DC, Queen

Favourite track to play live: Electric Funeral

Death row meal: Rump Steak…with side order of bats head!

Tipple: Hobgoblin

Summed up in ONE word: Unhinged

Name: John Holmes

Role in Jack Sabbath: Drummer

Inspirational Bands: Led Zep, Sabbath, Jane's Addiction, Chilli Peppers 

Favourite track to play live: War Pigs

Death row meal: Full Roast

Tipple: IPA ...anything hoppy!

Summed up in ONE word: Alright...